Education Is A Right

Not just for the privileged

Statistics show only 2 out of 10 filipino students will finish with a college degree. Among the relative few that have access to basic and secondary education, fewer still will attain the necessary educational requirements to qualify for knowledge work.

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Reflections of a Pathways Volunteer

May 06, 2006 by: Administrator in Volunteer Views

By Maria Carla Bren Vianney L. Yap
UP Cebu

Teacher Rod teaching In all of my arrogance, I thought people from the University of the Philippines were the only living (and breathing) creatures in the Philippines who are bothered by the sight of overcrowded shanties lined up along the sea coasts or the stench of homeless children as they whirl around the streets daily in search of their next meal while making a playground out of the dangerous fast lanes. We were made to think that these telltale signs of poverty were part of our so-called SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY as Iskolars ng Bayan. But GENUINE SERVICE, in its truest sense of the word remained a dream.

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